Champions of the Sapphire Throne


ST00 Heroes of Rokugan II Preview - The Topaz Championship (Introductory - tournament/role-play) Recommended start for New Players. Download.

ST01 Treacherous Terrain (Low Rank - travel/role-play/combat). Download.

ST02 Writ of Justice (Low Rank - investigation/mystery). Download.

ST03 Tears of a Fox's Heart (Low Rank - intrigue/role-play/investigation). Download.

ST04 Wrath of the Kami (Low Rank - investigation/role-play) - Part One of "Remorseful Seppuku.". Download.

ST05 Unrequited Love (Low Rank - intrigue/role-play). Download.

ST06 Devoured by the Sea (Low Rank - travel/combat). Download.

ST07 Scholarship (Low Rank - investigation/combat) - Part two of "Remorseful Seppuku.". Download.

ST08 Uncertainty (Low Rank - investigation/intrigue/combat). Download.

ST09 Unquiet Graves (Low Rank - role-play/intrigue/combat) - Part Three of "Remorseful Seppuku.". Download.

ST10 Way of Death (Low Rank - investigation/intrigue/combat). Download.

ST-INT01 "The Sapphire Tournament." Interactive. Download.

ST11 Bloom of the White Orchid (Low Rank - tournament/mystery). Download.

ST12 The City of Lies (Low Rank - investigation/intrige/combat). Download.

ST-INT02 "The Bon Festival" - Interactive.

ST-INT03 The Wedding of Hida Yushiro and Matsu Hiroko - Online-only Interactive.

ST13 Stolen Relics (Low Rank - investigation/combat) - Available. Dangerous module. Recommended for full tables of six only! Download.

ST14 Forgotten Shrine (Low Rank - role-play/combat) - Part Four of "Remorseful Seppuku.". Download.

ST15 A Day's Sail (Low Rank - investigation/combat) - Part One of "Shipping Lanes.". Download.

ST16 Charge of the Baraunghar (Low/Mid Rank - role-play/competition/combat). Download.

ST-INT04 The House of a Thousand Stories - Interactive. Download.

ST17 Winter Court: Shiro Hanagensai (Low/Mid Rank - role-play/intrigue/combat). Download.

ST18 In Search of the Future (Low Rank - travel/role-play/combat). Download.

ST19 Compassion (Low/Mid Rank - role-play/travel/combat) - Part One of "The Code of Bushido.". Download.

ST20 Bayushi Lineage: Fathers and Sons (Low/Mid Rank - role-play/intrigue). Download.

ST21 Unexpected Find (Low Rank - investigation/espionage/combat). Download.

ST22 Legacy of My Ancestors (Low Rank - role-play/combat) - Part Two of "Shipping Lanes.". Download.

ST23 Corrupt Officials (investigation/role-play/combat) - Low/Mid Rank. Two-round adventure. Download.

ST24 Grave of Heroes (role-play/combat) - Low/Mid Rank. Part One of "Ominous Portents.". Download.

ST-X01 Voice of the Emperor (role-play/combat).

ST25 Test of Purity (travel/investigation/role-play) - Two-round adventure. Part Two of "Ominous Portents." Low/mid-Rank. Download.

ST-INT05 Imperial Funeral - Interactive.

ST26 Essence of Yume-do - (investigation/role-play) - Low Rank. Download.

ST27 Shadow on the Court - (investigation/role-play) Introductory (rank 1 only) module. Download.

ST28 Strength From Weakness - Mid-rank SHADOWLANDS module. "Twenty Goblin Winter," Part 1 of 3. Download.

ST29 City of the Lost - Mid-rank SHADOWLANDS module. "Twenty Goblin Winter," Part 2 of 3. Download.

ST30 Failure of Courage - Low/Mid-Rank SHADOWLANDS module. "Twenty Goblin Winter," part 3 of 3. Download.

ST31 Kharmic Vengeance - (investigation/intrigue/combat) Low/Mid-Rank. Download.

ST-INT06 Sleepless Nights - Interactive. Download.

ST32 Honesty (part two of "Code of Bushido") - (investigation/role-play/potential combat) Low/Mid Rank. Download.

ST33 Journey to the Burning Sands - (travel/combat/role-play) Mid-Rank. Download.

ST34 The Tortoise and the Hare - (role-play/investigation) Low-Rank. Download.

ST35 Harsh Lessons (role-play/combat) Low Rank. Available. Characters who play this adventure cannot play "A Champion's Heart.". Download.

ST36 A Champion's Heart (role-play/investigation/combat) Mid-Rank. Available. Characters who play this adventure cannot play "Harsh Lessons.". Download.

ST37 Corrupted Region (role-play/investigation) Part Three of "Shipping Lanes." Mid-Rank. Download.

ST38 Unexpected Betrayal (combat/travel/investigation) Low/Mid-Rank. Download.

ST39 Courage (role-play/investigation) Low/Mid-Rank. Part three of "The Code of Bushido.". Download.

ST40 City of Empty Dreams (role-play/combat) Mid-Rank. Download.

ST-INTAUS Retirement - Interactive.

ST41 Secluded Village (investigation) Low-Rank. Download.

ST42 Cursed Gift (travel/investigation/role-play/possible combat) Mid-Rank. Download.

ST43 Touch of Obsidian (travel/role-play/possible combat) All Ranks. Download.

ST-INT07 The Siege of Shiro Usagi - Interactive.

ST44 Shadows of Beiden (travel/investigation/possible combat) - Low Rank. Download.

ST45 Into the Darkness (combat/travel/role-play) - Mid-Rank SHADOWLANDS. Download.

Heated Discussion - LARP adventure. Download.

ST46 Broken Words (role-play/investigation/possible combat) - Mid/High Rank. Download.

ST47 Assigning Blame (travel/role-play/possible investigation/possible combat) - Low/Mid Rank. Download.

ST48 Winter Court: The High House of Light (role-play/investigation) - Mid/High Rank. Characters who play this adventure cannot play WC Shiro no Shosuro. Download.

ST49 Winter Court: Shiro no Shosuro (role-play/investigation/intrigue) - Low Rank. Characters who play this adventure cannot play WC High House of Light. Download.

ST50 Duty and Honor (role-play/investigation/combat) - Mid Rank. Part of the "Code of Bushido" series. Download.

ST-INT08 The Cherry Blossom Festival - Interactive.

ST51 Undignified Death (investigation/role-play) - Low Rank. Emerald Magistrate characters may not play in this adventure. Download.

ST-INT08 Marriage Celebration - Interactive.

ST52 Loyalty (combat/travel) - Mid/High Rank SHADOWLANDS. The conclusion of the "Code of Bushido" series. Download.

ST53 Fall Before the Master (combat/travel/investigation) - Mid-Rank. Download.

ST54 Border Conflict - (investigation/role-play/possible combat) - Low-Rank. Download.

ST55 Nemesis of Justice - (investigation/role-play) - Low/Mid-Rank. Download.

ST56 Summoned to Justice - (investigation/role-play) - Mid-Rank. Download.

ST57 Essence of Toshigoku - Mid/High Rank. Download.

Doom of the Crab - Special adventure.

ST58 The Hidden Heart - Mid/High Rank. Download.

ST59 A Long Journey - Part 4 of "Shipping Lanes." Mid-Rank. Download.

ST-INT09 Allegiance to the Emperor - Interactive.

ST-INT10 Coral Tournament - Interactive.

ST60 Contest of Artistry - (intrigue/role-play) - All Ranks. Download.

ST61 Reverence for Chikushudo - (role-play/investigation) - Low/Mid. Download.

ST62 Masterpiece: Iron Crane Chef - (role-play/investigation) - Mid/High. Download.

ST63 Mujina Tricks - (investigation/intrigue/role-play) - Low/Mid Rank. Download.

ST64 Spider's Lair - (combat/role-play) - High Rank. Download.

ST65 Words and Deeds - (role-play/competition) - Mid-Rank and Up. Download.

ST66 A Fallen Friend - (investigation/role-play/combat) - Low/Mid. Download.

ST67 Truth and Falsehood - (combat/investigation/supernatural) - Two Round Adventure. High Rank. Download.

ST68 A Hard Rain Will Fall - (travel/investigation) - Mid/High Rank. Download.

ST69 An Arranged Marriage - (competition/intrigue/role-play) - High Rank. Download.

ST70 Whispers of the Moon - (role-play/combat/investigation/supernatural) - High Rank. Download.

ST71 Fate of the Assassin - (role-play/travel/potential combat) - All Ranks. Download.

ST72 March Unto Death - (role-play/combat/supernatural) - Low Rank. Characters who play this adventure MAY NOT play "Celestial Journey." You MUST play this or "Celestial Journey" in order to play "To the Last Breath." Download.

ST73 Celestial Journey - (role-play/combat/supernatural) - High Rank. Characters who play this adventure MAY NOT play "March Unto Death." You MUST play this or "March Unto Death" in order to play "To the Last Breath." Download.

Words Cut Like Steel - Social Finale - This is NOT a live-action event, although there will be one or two LARP scenes, and we definitely encourage players to wear costume! It is the social equivalent of a Battle Interactive -- a tabletop event where all of the tables affect what is going on. This is intended for social characters -- courtiers, social-oriented bushi, social-oriented shugenja. Social/court characters only! Characters who play this adventure cannot play "To the Last Breath." (Please note that all of these restrictions are on CHARACTERS, not PLAYERS.)

To the Last Breath - Combat Finale - This will be a Battle Interactive type of event similar to "Doom of the Crab" (but for all Clans). Combat-capable characters only, please! Characters who wish to play this event MUST first play either "March Unto Death" or "Celestial Journey." Characters who play this adventure cannot play "Words Cut Like Steel." (Please note that all of these restrictions are on CHARACTERS, not PLAYERS.)